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At Carz Medic we provide a specific set of services designed to improve the appearance of your vehicle and restore it back to showroom condition.

Life happens and over time your vehicle begins to show its age:
  • Sun’s rays
  • Environmental contaminates
  • Simple task of snow removal
  • Automatic car washes
  • Tree sap
  • Bird droppings

Just some of the abuse that will take its toll on your vehicle’s finish leaving your paint dull and lifeless.

  • The infamous shopping mall parking lots:
  • Door dings 
  • Shopping cart hits
  • Minor fender benders

Again leaving your vehicle looking old and worn out.

And then the worst of all - Hail Storms.
With today’s ever changing weather patterns and freak storms, this is becoming more common place in Ontario and something that could leave a vehicle owner with significant damage.